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This is the photography section of Gnosis, my personal site. I am an amateur at photography and don't know what I'm doing — but I like doing it nevertheless. Try to enjoy.

All the pictures herein were taken with a Sony DSC-V1 digital camera; some are digitally altered, others are not. The images aren't annotated in any way, think of them what you will.

The images on this site are published under a Creative Commons License. If you wish to use the images somehow (yeah, right), just let me know first at: jouni-luomaägmail-com Thanks.


the contents

the bunker king” is an on-going collection of images of various bunker-like buildings and/or constructions. Inspired by The Black League; I thank thee.

exposures” contains images which have been taken with long exposure times. Experimentations, night photography and heavy editing ahead.

people” contains, like the title suggests, the photos I've taken of human beings. I don't really like taking pictures of people, for some reason, though. Oh well.

symbols” is where all pictures of geometric, architectural and religious symbols go. Also included are images of buildings and machinery. Thought they'd fit.

miscellaneous” is a safe haven for those images which do not fit into any of the other categories but which are still more or less good and worth your while. Maybe.



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